Girls Empowerment Program:  

marj_graduation_00222222Working in partnership with the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at the University of Oxford (UK) and Systems Plus College Foundation (Philippines), RENEW has developed a research based screening tool for identifying female youth who are most at risk of being trafficked and/or prostituted.  Using this tool RENEW conducts house to house surveys on a regular basis in both urban and rural poor communities to identify girls who meet our criteria.  Those selected are then invited to enter our program which encompasses educational, familial,  economic, and spiritual support.  As of 2011, all youth who have successfully completed our program have gone on to find good employment.  None have entered prostitution and none have been trafficked.

This program was recognised as a best practice model by the National Women's Summit held in Manila in 2009, Soroptimist International in 2010, and the Coalition Against the Trafficking of Women (CATW) in 2011.


Raising awareness about human trafficking and prostitution is key to prevention.  RENEW therefore runs theatre/drama based anti-trafficking productions, educational seminars and lectures, and capacity building training for local barangays, government, NGOs, women groups and churches. RENEW works in partnership with local churches and universities to deliver these programs.

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