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Latest Press Releases 2014

South China Morning Post and CNN - 30th November, 2014:  Loss Angeles - A now decommissioned US Air Force base outside the Philippine city begot a sex industry and thousands of children who will never know their father. Words and pictures by Stephanie Borcard and Nicolas Metraux.... Link

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Nido Magazine (Germany) - 15th November, 2014:  Die Unerwunschten -Auf den tief katholischen Philippinen sind Abtreibungen verboten. Aber das arme Land ist auch ein Ziel von Sextouristen. Sie zeugen Kinder mit heller Haut,deren Äußeres sofort auf den Beruf der Mutter schließen lässt.

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Die unerwünschte Generation - Weltzeit/ Archiv | Beitrag vom 22.03.2011 Link

November Brief Update:

  • “Mary” has successfully graduated last April and remained in RENEW’s shelter for a further 6 months while she worked and saved sufficiently to have financial security.  RENEW provided her first month’s rent for free in a new small apartment near her workplace, and an interest free loan to kit her apartment out with basic items like a bed, table, cooking facilities etc.  Kim is now working in an upper class restaurant located on the suburbs of Angeles City.
  • “Claire” and “Jane”, two at risks girls, will complete their college degrees this academic year.  Both are studying degrees in hotel and restaurant management.  These two girls have been under our girl’s empowerment program for seven years working their way through high school and now on their way to college graduation!  Throughout this time RENEW has provided spiritual guidance and care and familial support.
  • RENEW’s new residential centre - great location, providing large premises and good facilities for empowering the women we serve.  The house can shelter up to 24 women on a long-term basis.
  • RENEW has opened up an additional office in the heart of the red light district.  This provides both our clients and staff with direct contact with each other, enabling us to respond to needs immediately.

Previous News (Selected)

Chresta en Charlotte op de Filipijnen: Ned 3, 23rd July, 2013                              RENEW on Holland's Leading TV Network                                                       (


In Bestemming Onbekend ruilen gasten hun plezier-tickets in voor een reis met onbekende bestemming, die leidt naar brandhaarden overal ter wereld.

Een paar weken voor hun tentamens pedagogiek gaan Chresta en Charlotte er lekker een weekendje tussenuit naar Warschau. Denken ze. Wanneer presentator Klaas van Kruistum hen verleidt om met hem mee te gaan naar een onbekende bestemming, zwichten ze toch voor zijn aanbod. Klaas neemt de meiden mee naar Angeles City, het centrum van het Filipijnse sekstoerisme. Net als duizenden mannen van over de hele wereld vliegen Chresta en Charlotte naar de Filipijnen. Niet voor de seks, maar om een week tussen deze 'sekswerkers' te leven. In dezelfde armoede en dezelfde uitzichtloosheid. Zullen ze het volhouden?

Papa est touriste sexuel 
RTS, 13th June, 2013

RENEW is pleased to reveal the latest documentary shown in  Europe following the work of our staff to empower children of commercially sexually exploited women, who have been left behind by their fathers - sex tourists.  Link

New Partnership with Wipe Every Tear
January, 2013, Paulo Fuller

wipeWe would like to both welcome back and thank Coach Kenny Sacht (Exec Director) of Wipe Every Tear who we initially met last year in June, for bringing a team of dedicated and passionate individuals from the US to witness the levels of sexual exploitation in Angeles City.  His foundation works to empower trafficked girls and woman in Manila ( RENEW provided contextual information and exposure trips to the red light districts of the city and we discussed our work and interventions.  Future business opportunities including livelihood and economic empowerment were also discussed in detail with business expert Mr Mark Priddy (CEO) of Full Circle Exchange ( - an organisation that provides economic empowerment for woman all over the world through livelihood. We really look forward to working with Kenny and his great team.

Arts Aftercare (AAC) Initiative
September 2012, Paulo Fuller

eeeeAAC is a hub that brings the arts community in the US - including musicians, painters, dancers, photographers, poets - together to use their unique resources as artists with at-risk youth and survivors of trauma. We are partnering with ACC and are implementing their 'The Healing Arts Toolkit' which contains therapeutic exercises utilizing music, visual arts and movement that our aftercare staff use with clients to aid in their recovery process. 

Lacie Morrison is Arts Aftercare’s Healing Arts Toolkit Coordinator (see photo above: fourth from right) and she is a former RENEW volunteer.  Lacie recently returned to the Philippines to train our staff on the tool kit's usage. After its implementation at RENEW's residential centre we have been immensely pleased with its effectiveness both as an individual tool and as part of a combined therapy  - individual talk therapy or CBT plus the Healing Arts Toolkit.  It has had a direct impact on decreasing the levels of depression and anxiety among our clients. 

International News Coverage

Filipino Group helps women find life outside of trafficking
February 19, 2010|By David Challenger, CNN.

Sitting in backyard garden of a women's outreach center, a woman recounts a life that seems to belie her young age of 20. Read


Die Hurenkinder Montag
28.12.2009, von FOCUS Reporter Wolfgang Bauer.

Sie sind auf der Welt, weil die Freier verweigern und den Prostituierten die PilKondomele zu teuer ist. Sie sind die Kinder von Deutschen, Engländern, Amerikanern.

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