Hot Line: 0928 52 RENEW (73639)

This hot line number enables prostituted and trafficked women or girls, concerned citizens, family members or friends to contact RENEW for emergency assistance for the provision of rescue, medical and/or shelter services.  The hot line is open 24 hours a day.


Many women who have been trafficked and/or prostituted require medical assistance including testing for HIV/AIDS and treatment of STIs, RENEW provides these services free of charge.  RENEW also assists and supports trafficked women and children to undertake their medical-legal examinations.


RENEW provides free legal assistance for trafficked and prostituted women - these services range from prosecuting illegal recruiters, filing charges against foreign sex tourists who have committed physical assault through to supporting women in their 'legal battles' for child support.


Women who have been trafficked and/or prostituted can suffer from a range of mental health disorders caused  by their abusive experiences.  This includes clinical levels of depression, anxiety and PTSD.  RENEW therefore provides (evidence based) psycho-socio interventions designed to meet these needs. These sessions are run by RENEW's licensed and accredited psychologist and clinical social worker.


RENEW's short and long term residential program provides young women aged 16+ and adult women aged 18+ the opportunity for immediate entrance into a safe and secure environment.  Depending on the needs of the women in the residential program RENEW provdes all forms of holistic support including access to high school and university education, spiritual guidance and counselling, livelihood, political and legal rights empowerment, medical and psychological treatment.  Women are able to remain in the residential program as long as they need.

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RENEW's Residential Program is entirely dependent on donations.  If you would like to support this aspect of our ministry please click above on the 'Support Us' link.

RENEW's long term residential program for women aged 18 and above can accommodate up to 16 women (and their children).

Graduates from our long-term residential program have gone on to enter respected and well-paid employment, spiritually and emotionally empowered. 

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